Most recent shaders

Metallic alloy

Especially suitable for rims. Light grey, you can alter the base color.

Tire rubber

Really simple shader, no side wall included. It needs some extra work, eg noise texture. I'll try to update it later.

Black paint with flakes

My best paint so far. Remember to adapt the texture size to your model scale, my setting is 1 BU = 1 meter.


A material for oranges, it needs some tweaking though.. Blender 2.49b Yaf(a)ray 0.1.1


A non shiny plastic, sort of like rubber..^^ Blender 2.49b Yaf(a)ray 0.1.1


A golden material. Blender 2.49B Yaf(a)ray 0.1.1

Cartoon mouth

The inside of a cartoon mouth. Blender 2.49B Yaf(a)ray 0.1.1

Cartoony pupil

A cartoony pupil material. Blender 2.49B Yaf(a)ray 0.1.1